Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cowardly Censorship at

While using Google's Blog Search Beta to find out what people on the blogospshere were saying about the minimum wage issue, I found myself back at, where I found a somewhat seasoned post that narrated Bill Frist's successful gamesmanship wherein he torpedoed the Senate's recent minimum wage bill by tying it to the abortion issue. Posturing and invective aside, what caught my attention was a comment by one "Jim" entitled Another gutless Libertarian Hit and Run Poster wherein "Jim" asserted:

Notice how they run when asked a question that reveals their "Commie Status"?
As I narrated in a previous blog post, my discourse with the people over at was cut short when I suddenly found my account disabled after several posts. It's interesting how the folks over there at interpret the silence of their opponents as victory. Did it ever occur to them that their cowardly moderators might be silencing the opposition?


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