Monday, October 22, 2007

Ellen to Feature Pet Rescue on Monday October 22, 2007

[Added: Make that Tuesday October 23rd. The press release apparently confused the air date with the taping date.]

While following up on the controversy involving Ellen Degeneres and Mutts and Moms, I stumbled upon a press release at PR Web Owner Saved by Dog to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I immediately submitted the press release to Digg, but (much to my surprise) the Digg item has yet to attract any attention some 30 minutes later. Given the international obsession with Iggygate -- friends of mine from England have been asking me, "Who is this Degeneres bird, and what's all the flap about?" -- I thought this item would quickly be Dugg to death.

The press release narrrates Ellen's plan to feature Kimberly Sanchez in a segment on her show encouraging people to adopt animals from rescue groups. Just a few months ago Kimberly adopted a four-month-old Dutch Shepherd puppy, and the puppy saved Kimberly's life by reviving her when she collapsed from anemia. Kimberly's dog was rescued by filmmaker Judy Crozier who is working on a fictional feature entitled Free to a Good Home.

"I am glad that Kimberly will be on the show," said Judy. "It demonstrates a successful adoption. And a lot of rescue groups might not have adopted to Kimberly because of her young age. I saw she was responsible and this was a match for life."

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