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A personal update from David F. Prenatt, Jr.
Dateline: May 5, 2003

Early in 1996, I created the INTERNET ESQUIRE Web site as a showcase for a collection of FAQs that I began publishing on USENET shortly after I graduated from UC Davis Law School in 1995. As part of this endeavor, I registered the fictitious business name "Internet Esquire," often abbreviated as "netesq," an online alias which has become virtually synonomous with my own name. What I did not do was purchase the "netesq.com" and/or "internetesquire.com" domain names. As a result, these domain names were acquired by other enterprises who later abandoned them and left them open to being acquired by me in July of 2002.

The INTERNET ESQUIRE Web site has never been anything close to what I wanted it to be, what it could have been, and what it may yet become. The FAQ publications which gave birth to this Web site have been neglected during the years that I have quietly plied my trade as a business consultant for attorneys who were seeking to cultivate a presence on the Internet. To be sure, these FAQs began as labors of love. Nonetheless, anything to which I devoted so much time also had to make economic sense. Truth be told, there has never been a lack of opportunity for me as an Internet consultant, but neither has there always been a continuous stream of paying assignments falling in my lap. It can be very hard to follow your dreams when the funds are low and the debts are high. You take the work that is offered.

It has always been quite easy for me to find temporary and/or contract work doing legal research, and it is not like this is a major departure from my areas of expertise and my long-term goals. Nonetheless, legal research has almost always been a detour from my work as an Internet consultant, and the former has never been as exciting or rewarding as the latter. As such, while paying my bills with contract legal work, I volunteered as an editor for the Open Directory Project in May of 1999 as part of my ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of the Internet revolution. The rest, as they say, is history.

While working as a volunteer editor at ODP, I learned a great deal about the current and future status of the Internet, and after my unceremonious departure from ODP, I found that my services as an Internet consultant were in very great demand. In fact, to this day, by virtue of my role as the founder of XODP, virtually anyone who is thinking of putting together a large scale collaborative Internet project stumbles across my byline during their due diligence and asks for my feedback. All the while, the quality of the INTERNET ESQUIRE Web site has suffered, even as the quality of other Web sites that I have been working on for my paying clients has drastically improved. This is not unlike the master mechanic whose own car is a piece of junk.

In April of 2003, I finally decided that enough was enough and began giving the INTERNET ESQUIRE web site a cursory facelift, removing affiliate links and URL redirects that (in hindsight) never should have been installed and formatting the various pages in such a way that they are now printer friendly. I also began a thorough review of all the content that appears -- or should appear -- on the INTERNET ESQUIRE domain. This includes various USENET posts dating back to 1994 that I have been able to recover, the USENET FAQs that gave birth to the INTERNET ESQUIRE Web site, link collections that I began accumulating during my tenure at the Open Directory Project, writing samples that I am still hoping to recover from my law school days, and various other content that has been published under my byline since I graduated from law school.

In time, I hope to make the INTERNET ESQUIRE Web site a noteworthy portal for the unique combination of topics that are my areas of expertise. These include -- but are not limited to -- undergraduate collegiate academia, law school, and cultural geography as well as law, politics, and government. Meanwhile, my growing interest in large scale collaborative Internet projects and search engine optimization has resulted in the creation of another Web site and business enterprise devoted to these topics, XODP Search Solutions. As always, stay tuned for further developments.


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