Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Response from the Ignorant Twits at A&E's Message Boards

After posting my previous blog entry entitled Arbitrary and Capricious Censorship at A&E's Message Boards, I posted a comment in the same thread where one of my comments was deleted and directed the powers that be at A&E TV to my previous blog entry. Astonishingly, one of the ignorant twits at A&E TV with the alias "aetv_dlg" responded in that same thread:
I saw the removed post. You started it off by insulting the person to whom you responded, and that is why it was removed. The content of the post was not the issue, it was the name-calling that was. If you would like to repost your thoughts without the name-calling and insults, it will not be removed.
Needless to say, I have no intention of reposting my thoughts on the original topic at the A&E forum and deferring to the arbitrary and capricious censorship of the ignorant twits who run the place. Those who are interested in what I had to say on the original topic can follow the link to my blog post where I did my best to reconstitute my original post in its uncensored form.

A brief survey of the A&E Hoarders forum will reveal all sorts of name calling and mean-spirited insults, and it is patently absurd that I should not be allowed to call someone who has misquoted me an ignorant twit. To wit, ignorant is an adjective that is defined at as follows:
1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
3. uninformed; unaware.
4. due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.
I'm having a hard time figuring out which one of these definitions does not apply to the person who misquoted me at A&E as well as to the people who censored me. As for the term "twit," this is sort of a slang term, and the best definition that I found for it was at Merriam Webster, which describes a twit as "a silly annoying person." This term also applies to the person who misquoted me at A&E as well as the people who censored me.

I enjoyed contributing at the A&E message boards, but I think that they got the better end of the deal in getting no less than 50 high quality posts from me, free of charge. The fact that they chose to censor me tells me that they don't appreciate what I brought to the party, and I can't help but wonder how many other thoughtful posters have been censored at A&E without good cause. Of course, I will probably never know because the ignorant twits at A&E see fit to disappear quality posts like mine, purportedly because they "start off with an insult," while leaving all sorts of other mean-spirited discourse untouched.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Arbitrary and Capricious Censorship at A&E’s Message Boards

On or about January 14th, 2010, I posted the following message on the A&E Message Board covering its Hoarders show in a thread entitled “Horders[sic] OR LAZY??? I KNOW- LAZY LAZY LAZY”:
It's Astonishing How Some People Find It Necessary to Compare Themselves to Hoarders

I'm not sure why people find it necessary to say things like, "I work three full time jobs and still find time to cook for my eight children, wash the dishes after every meal, clean my bathroom bowl each time someone uses it, vacuum and dust my furniture every morning by 6am, mow the lawn, . . . "

Do these people think that their ability to discharge all of these responsibilities makes them better human beings than the people featured on Hoarders? What, exactly, are they trying to prove, other than their total self-centeredness and lack of compassion?
Another contributor who identified herself by the alias “windswept” posted this response:
To "netesq"

You said non-hoarders have "total self-centeredness and lack of compassion"

It's actually quite the opposite. People who are RESPONSIBLE don't hoard, don't neglect their children, spouses, homes, and animals. This grown-up type of self-discipline requires compassion towards others and sacrifice.

It's compassionate to be honest with the hoarder, and let them know just how destructive their behavior is towards the rest of the world. Hoarders just don't want to hear it. It infringes on their fantasy world.
When I read this response, I couldn’t help but notice that I had been misquoted, so I responded with a post entitled "I Love It When People Put Words In My Mouth!" Had I known that some unknown entity at A&E was going to delete this response, I would have made a copy. As it is, the exact text of that post is lost in the ether of the Internet, but here’s my best attempt at recreating it:
I said no such thing, you ignorant twit! But I have no trouble believing that that’s what you heard. If you read my post again, this time without embracing your exaggerated sense of self-importance, you’ll find that I was pointing out that some people cannot seem to discuss anyone else’s situations without comparing those situations to their own. Indeed, some people are so self-absorbed that they don’t seem to notice that they are putting words in someone else’s mouth.
When I checked back some time later to see if there was any response to this followup post, I noticed that it had mysteriously disappeared, and I posted this comment:
The Case of the Mysterious Disappearing Post

Who'd a thunk it? No profanity; nothing even remotely approaching uncivil discourse, but my earlier post entitled "I Love It When People Put Word's in My Mouth!" is now gone. Even so, it's pretty clear that the person who misquoted me as saying that "non-hoarders have total self-centeredness and lack of compassion" read my response.

BTW, absent some sort of adequate explanation from A&E as to why my earlier post disappeared, this will probably be my last post on these forums.
To their credit, more than one person on the Hoarders forum whom I consider an adversary told me that I should stick around, but I am not the sort of person to suffer arbitrary and capricious censorship, so I resolved to steer clear of the A&E Hoarders Forum unless and until such time as the powers that be at A&E made some sort of bold gesture, such as admitting that my post should not have been deleted. As of this writing, no such bold gesture has been forthcoming. Rather, someone who uses the alias “aetv_rita” posted this truly bizarre notice in the above-linked thread:
Just a reminder

Hi all – I’d just like to remind everyone that our community is not a place for namecalling or profanity. Please review our Terms of Service before posting, or send me a message, if you have questions. Also, if you respond to a post which violates our Terms of Service your reply will also be removed – so it’s best not to respond at all! Thanks everyone.
What is this nitwit talking about? The context of this post is slanderous in that it paints my now deleted post in a false light and makes it sound like I posted something truly horrible on the A&E Hoarders Forum. Consequently, as soon as I am done posting this blog entry, I will send A&E a formal demand for a retraction.

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